How to Do Magic Tricks With Cards

It isn’t hard to learn how to do magic tricks with cards if you have the right tools to learn from, but if you do learn you will become one of the most popular person wherever you go. Here you will find out how to do magic tricks with cards that will astound your friends and make them beg for more.

Why learning how to do magic tricks with cards may may be hard sometimes is because it requires a good amount of time practicing before you go out and do the trick in front of your friends.
No one likes a cheesy magic trick and you definitely wouldn’t like to make a fool of yourself buy ruining your card magic trick in front of everyone.

Knowing how to do magic tricks with cards is one thing, but you also need to know how to present the trick, and how to play with your audience mind. Watch some of the great magicians performing their card tricks, and pay attention to how they talk, what are they saying and most important what they do with their hands while they are talking.

The key to a successful magic trick is to make your audience focus their attention on one hand, while you do something else with the other hand. It has been scientifically proven that if a person focuses his attention on one object, on one particular spot, he is blind to anything else around that (the so called blind spot).Try to use this in your advantage, and you will know how to do magic tricks with cards like a true magician.

Here is a short, simple, very easy to do, but so amazing magic trick with cards that you can do anytime, and if done right, no one will even come close to how you did it:

You show your friend a note card, and say that it represents a very unique brainwashing technique, now being used in “subliminal advertising”.

You explain that on the white card you actually wrote a command that can’t be seen by the conscious mind because it is written with a special ink, and only the unconscious can perceive this message.

Hockey Cards – Collecting the Game We Love

Hockey has been around for what seems like forever. The league was organized in 1917 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada after the suspension of operations of its predecessor organization, the National Hockey Association (NHA), which had been founded in 1909. It started with four teams and, through a series of expansions, contractions, and relocations, the league is now composed of 30 teams active franchises. As Canadians, we’re proud to say that hockey is our game, it originated in Canada and has a rich history and people feel a special passion for it. If you are Canadian chances are you have a favorite team, and if you do, chances are that team is one of the remaining six teams residing in Canada. Your team is a team that is cheered for through the good times and the bad. As hockey fans, we take pride in our teams and many of us enjoy the hobby of hockey memorabilia collecting. One prominent collecting item is the hockey card. The hard core hockey fans who enjoy hockey card collecting has seen many changes in the industry from the early days of Parkie collecting, to present times which features the hockey hobby box.

In today’s hockey card market, we see several different brands featuring a huge range of different types of cards. If you look at the market from the hockey hobby box perspective and not by the pack, we see product prices which range from twenty dollars all the way to eight and nine hundred dollars. We see the basic principles of supply and demand at play in today’s market. Cheaper products seem to have a much larger production run, while expensive products have limited production. As a diehard collector, the thrill of getting a rare card out of a box is something that can’t be explained through words. Every day we see collectors posting online in blogs and forums about the special rare card that they pulled from a hockey box. Through rare cards we achieve great value in what we attained. Camp and monetary values can be found in hockey cards.

You may ask why card companies bother to produce the low end products which feature little to no value to the seasoned collector. The key word there is seasoned. We all remember being children and collecting those cheap hockey cards for the thrill of the hobby. This is still alive in children in today’s market. Companies realize how much hockey cards can mean to a child. This is why we see hockey card packs for sale still at our local corner store. Today’s market is set up so that the seasoned collector can enjoy buying limited, expensive products and enjoy the rare and special cards attained. Fortunately, the young can still enjoy pulling that special card from affordable attainable packs. Young, old, rich, and poor can all join in on the thrill of collecting the cards from our favorite teams in the NHL.

It seems that since hockey had been reborn in the 2005 season, we’ve seen an uptick in hockey card interest. Remember, the 2004 season never happened. There was no hockey for over a year. The new generated interest can be attributed in part to the new young superstars in the league, as well as the fact that we as Canadians really missed the game that we love. For whatever reasons we have, we love the game of hockey and our hockey cards. The hockey hobby box lives on and just keeps getting better.

Making a Pokemon Card

The Pokemon Card game is one of the most popular card-based battle game today. But because of the high cost of the original trading game card, some have resorted to customizing and making their own Pokemon card online. Some even go as far as photocopying the cards and laminating them to minimize the cost – experiencing at least, the vicarious thrill of having the trading cards.

What I will be discussing here though, are the tips on making a wholly different kind of “Pokemon Card”. Let’s face it, if you are an avid player of the game, you would really find ways to collect for your own deck of original pokemon trading game cards! If you are, however, really interested on creating your own Pokemon game card, you should check the following sites, which offer card customization tools, giving you free reign to edit on your own:


Now, going back, what kind of Pokemon Card am I talking about?

Instead of inadvertently copying somebody else’s work, you can make your very own pokemon-themed card, which you can send to your loved ones during special occasions! In that way, you can share your Pokemon enthusiasm to other people too – with your personal creative touch.

There are a lot of pocket monsters even since the first installment of the pokemon anime series. As the story progresses, more are added into the already voluminous roster of pokemons. So before you start making our Pokemon card, it is better to put your favorite pokemon in mind. Also you would need the following materials:

Oslo paper or paper board (just thick enough to be folded)

colored papers or construction papers

colored pencils, crayons, paint or any coloring material

accessory material of your choice (ribbons, buttons, etc.)



If you have chosen your pokemon, you can now start making the Card:

1. First, we will create a card based on the pokeball. Get your Oslo paper or paper board and fold it in half. Then, draw the center design of the pokeball on the center of your card. Color the upper portion in red and the lower portion in white. Do the same on the back portion of your card. Remember, the front portion of a pokeball has a white center, so that should distinguish the front part from the back part of your card too.

2. After coloring the outer portion of the card (if you are using paint or watercolor, make sure it has dried properly), let us now proceed in designing the inner portion of the card. First, get a black paper, draw your favorite pokemon, and apply color afterwards. Then, cut out your drawing and paste it on one side of your card. If you are not good in drawing, you could just print a picture of your favorite pokemon, cut it out, and then glue it on one side of your card.