How to Do Magic Tricks With Cards

It isn’t hard to learn how to do magic tricks with cards if you have the right tools to learn from, but if you do learn you will become one of the most popular person wherever you go. Here you will find out how to do magic tricks with cards that will astound your friends and make them beg for more.

Why learning how to do magic tricks with cards may may be hard sometimes is because it requires a good amount of time practicing before you go out and do the trick in front of your friends.
No one likes a cheesy magic trick and you definitely wouldn’t like to make a fool of yourself buy ruining your card magic trick in front of everyone.

Knowing how to do magic tricks with cards is one thing, but you also need to know how to present the trick, and how to play with your audience mind. Watch some of the great magicians performing their card tricks, and pay attention to how they talk, what are they saying and most important what they do with their hands while they are talking.

The key to a successful magic trick is to make your audience focus their attention on one hand, while you do something else with the other hand. It has been scientifically proven that if a person focuses his attention on one object, on one particular spot, he is blind to anything else around that (the so called blind spot).Try to use this in your advantage, and you will know how to do magic tricks with cards like a true magician.

Here is a short, simple, very easy to do, but so amazing magic trick with cards that you can do anytime, and if done right, no one will even come close to how you did it:

You show your friend a note card, and say that it represents a very unique brainwashing technique, now being used in “subliminal advertising”.

You explain that on the white card you actually wrote a command that can’t be seen by the conscious mind because it is written with a special ink, and only the unconscious can perceive this message.